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Out-Loading Procedures


Blender Out-Load Procedures

Every Custom application service procedure and Fertilizer spreading services incorporate Blender Out-Load Procedures as follows:

  • Let the out-load conveyor belt run for about 5-10 minutes before loading a truck to make sure belt is clean and dry. When drying the belt like this make sure the customers truck is not under the out-load conveyor so the junk off the belt doesn't go into their truck hoppers.
  • Open the bottom gate of the blender hopper % of the way, once gate is open start and stop the blender repeatedly till the blue bag at the blender discharge appears full.
  • When the blender scale read out hits about 1 metric tonne start the blender and let it run this will empty out the blender completely, bang on the outside of the in-load hopper with a dead blow hammer to be sure product is cleared out and that the screen is clean. At the end of each batch get up onto the screen and clean any lumps or objects off that could add more weight but not actually go into the trucks.
  • When the blender is empty close the bottom gate on the blender, turn off conveyor system and have the customer sign the required paper work. Appendix B,C,D 1
  • When filling a tender truck or trailer you must record separate weights for each hopper and clearly mark what hopper has what weight in it on the load out slip