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Wendy Foursha Memorial Scholarship

Application Deadline: June 14th, 2024


Wendy Foursha Memorial Scholarship


The Wendy Foursha Memorial Scholarship was established by The Rack to honour the memory of a former employee and friend, Wendy Foursha. Wendy passed away unexpectedly in August 2015.

Wendy Foursha approached life with joy, fearlessness and fun and maintained that anything can be accomplished when you stay focused and put in the effort. In both her life and career, she held herself and others to a high standard of values and ethics, demonstrating pride in doing everything to the best of her ability. At The Rack, she was a dedicated and loyal employee developing into several roles and ultimately as one of the key leaders of the organization. Wendy’s care and passion for the Ag business allowed her to be integral across the many divisions and projects she was a part of; always maintaining a strong work ethic and upholding the values of the organization.

To apply, please use the links to the right to download, print, and return the application form, or apply online.