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In-Load System Procedures

Pre In-Load Setup

Belt, Tripper, And Air System Setup

Belt tripper and proper air system setup is very important for the fertilizer custom application and spreading procedure.  It is advisible that fertilizer shed workers follow the rules below:

  • Before starting system cross conveyor belt must be inspected for moisture.
  • If belt has moisture on it move tripper (belt can't be moving during this operation) to a bare spot in warehouse floor or fines bin removing training rollers and air lines if needed.
  • There are two air lines on the cross conveyor system. The first leads to a 'V shaped piece just behind the tripper that removes product which the tripper doesn't remove. The second is on the bottom to clean any product which may fall on the return side. On the roof of the warehouse there is a white air line running the length of the building with air valves every 20 feet and a line drain. This main line is hooked to the air compressor for the air source and can be hooked up by the annex hopper or outside warehouse.
  • Once tripper is in place start conveyor system and let run for 20-30
    minutes, this not only removes moisture from belting system it also allows the system to warm-up.
  • After previous step is done shut the system down, move tripper to dumping location and replace rollers and air lines.