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Out-Loading Procedures

Important Notice

Communication and awareness of your task is vital for fertilizer custom application services.  Make sure you obey the following rules:

  • Make sure that at anytime you are using products for a blend or overheads that it is the product needed, if not sure ask supervisor.
  • Try to avoid using wet or contaminated product for blends or overheads.
  • Only put a blend into the blender when you know that the customer is going to be on time or has arrived at our location. The only exception to this rule is during the non busy season
  • All blends going into a Rack Petroleum floater uses sulfur fines instead of strait sulfur


  • At the start of each blend you will receive a blend sheet (appendix B, C, D 2). Review this and make sure that you understand what products are needed for each and what the scale stops for each product are.
  • Write down how many batches are needed for your blend, the scale stops, and the product needed. (Appendix E).
  • Make sure that the blender and belt system are in proper working order before blending starts, belt tracking straight, hopper door opens/closes, and the blender screen is clean of lumps or contaminates that can take away accurate scale stops. Let the belting system/blender run for about 15 minutes to allow warm-up time.
  • Start blender and add product as required by batches for the blend stopping the blender 200-300 kgs before each scale stop to achieve a more accurate reading of the weight. You do this for each product being dumped into the blend and record it on your paper work (appendix E) and start blender again for next product to be mixed, 
  • Once each batch has all products in it let it blend for about 2 minutes, while it is mixing use the ladder to see if the hopper screen has lumps or product build up on it as this will put weight on the scale readout but will not go into the truck.
  • If adding a grass seed to the blend add it last, clean any product from around blender and put into the blend. Clean the screen thoroughly and let blend for five minutes. Clean up is very important so that the grass seed will not contaminate the next blend to be done.
  • Run about 2-3 tonnes of fines through the blender, this helps clean the blender of grass seed. Stock pile the fines to be used in a impregnation blend due to the chemicals used will kill the grass seed.