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Ultimate Yield Management Institute Agronomy Training
Ultimate Yield Management Insitute

We specialize in getting highest yeilds in the province for our customers. Many of our customers have already been benefiltting from our Ultimate Yield Program. Some of them have even been featured by the Western Producer and other renouned media companies in the province, giving us the credit for mastering high yelding techniques. We operate out of additional Rack service centers located in Saskatchewan, SK, Canada for your convenience.

When you deal with Rack petroleum you realize that we belive that we can make the difference in the efficiency by which growers produce food.

Our Advantages

Fast Delivery

The optimal transport logistics and the use of large vehicles allow us to offer a favorable price of freight traffic in 24 and 48 hours.

Branched Network

We have a widespread network of offices and centers allowing us to take care of your products and deliver then quickly to the destination.

24/7 Support

Our Company offers extensive 24/7 support giving you an opportunity to take care about your farm needs every step of its way.

Document Preparation

Our managers will prepare all necessary documentation to get your started at any point on the map as soon as possible.

Custom Application Sprayer

Custom Application

We offer our clients professional Custom application services within the areas of our clients’ residence. Local knowledge of our operators is second to none. For example, if your field has special shape they will make sure that maximum acerage is covered without damaging crops.

Presize VRT Technology

Variable Rate Technology

All of our equipmewnt and fleet units are equipped with the advanced VRT systems and GPS navigator consoles to make application precise and accurate.

Custom Application Spreader


We provide custome application of crop protection products, dry and liquid fertilizer. Chemicals and Pest control, herbicides and fungisides we will make the job of spraying better than anyone else.

Ultimate Yield Management Institute Research Plots
UYMI Research

Every year since 2013 Rack Petroleum is conducting reseach study based on the data collected from hundreds of plots located at many locations chosen for Research Trials. The research trials are generally located in the North, South and Central parts of Saskatchewan. We have newwest ZURN combine for harvesting yields and ensuring that data is very accurate. Data and findings are shared with Crop producers at annual symposiums held in Saskatoon SK, Canada.

  • Over 12 agronomist
  • New equipment
  • Reliable Data
  • Yearly Sysmosiums
  • Farmer beneficial

Detailed Features

Rack UYMI Seeding Equipment
Rack UYMI Seeding Equipment

A unique feature of our fully refurbished seeder system with liquid products injections. It provides accurate injection of fertilizer during seeding allowing you to minimize downtime and business disruption. With a single call to our Marketing Department, we can arrange to have plots at your farm for next year trials.

UYMI Harvesting Equipment
UYMI Harvesting Equipment

We exercise the highest quality full range of services based on the experimantal data received from trials and test plots. These trial results are Saskatchewan grower relevant and can be reliably imployed to help your business atchieve higher yields and generate higher returns. Operationally, it allows your company to completely focus on its business.

NH3 Bullets
NH3 Bullets

Rack Petroleum has NH3 bullets conveniently located at major towns accross the province of Saskatchewan. Your farm will get the product fast delivered right into the wagons in your fields. Logistically successful operations will make your farming operations successful and will bring money to your farm with no time losses.

NH3 Wagons
NH3 Wagons

The Rack provides NH3 Wagons for lease and rent. These wagons are delivered to your fields for use during the season. We will evacuate the execess of the product after the season is over so that you can have peace of mind and confidence that your seeding season is not too stressful.

TDU Truck Delivery Units
TDU Truck Delivery Units

We have more than ten TDUs (Truck Delivery units) which are operated by our highly qualified personell and very experienced truck drivers. They will ensure that you will always have product when you neeed it and never have downtime.

Advanced Tattle System
Advanced Tattle System

Wiith new innovative technology - Rack Petroleum is taking it one level up ahead to the better quality of service and increased efficiency. Our improved tracking and accountability system will ensure that every kg of product is accounted without delay and withot mistakes.