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Spreading of Fertilizer, fertilizer custom application services

Rack Petroleum Ltd. is a well known and reputable fertilizer retailer in west central Saskatchewan. The RACK provides Spraying/Fertilizer Custom Application services in all eight locations throughout west central Saskatchewan.  Rack Petroleum's fleet of  fertilizer apllication equipment (Floaters) ensures a high quality fertilizer application. Our floaters have been variable rating a lot of super urea this fall so our customers not only are receiving prescription maps that count but they are also receiving the newest technology in nitrogen use. Super urea and Amidas has become a new standard in increasing yields over regular urea and its use continues to increase.  Custom aerial spraying is available through a third party.


Actual Fertilizer Application Rate:

The first number in a fertilizer analysis is the nitrogen percentage.  A bag of  25-4-6 analysis such as the PennGreen Seedland.com sells has 25% Nitrogen per bag.  Divide this N amount into the lbs. per 1000 rate from the chart.  In this case divide 3 by .25 = 12 (use decimal conversion on the percentage i.e.: 25% = .25 )

This means that 1000 sq. ft. of your lawn would require 12 lbs. of this analysis of fertilizer in a YEARS time.  This rate would provide a mid-range of  maintenance (average) on a Bluegrass lawn.  Thus under a mid-range maintenance plan, you would fertilize twice a year.  Therefore you need  to apply 6 lbs. of actual fertilizer per application twice a year per 1000 sq. ft. of your lawn --- A 20 lb. bag such as the one we sell would cover just over 3000 sq. ft per application. 

PER APPLICATION (For each 1000 sq.ft. of lawn)

Divide the analysis into 100.  If the analysis is 27% Nitrogen.  100 divided by 27 = 3.71.  That means you would need to apply 3.71 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. to apply an actual rate of 1 LB of Nitrogen per application.

What We Offer


We offer crop nutrition and crop protection products at very competitive pricing.

Bulk Delivery

We offer bulk delivery of all types of fuel and liquid fertilizer like NH3, UAN, Glyphosate.

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You can freely use our interactive map to find the nearest office.

New Technologies

Variable Rate Technology in application services and cuttig edge technology in other fields.

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Our experts work extended hours day and night to serve you during busy season.

Gas-Pumps and Cardlocks

Our Cardlock Gas-pumps accept "interact" cards VISA, MasteCard or Debit cards.


Huge dry fertilizer storages are conveniently located in Rosetown, Biggar, Unity, Outlook.

Research Plots

Every year our prophesor with the research crew finds new interesting discoveries.

Pest Control

We offer pest control application services and products in western Saskatchewan.