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Fertilizer Application and Spreading

Improper fertilizer application or spreading results in "streaking", the alternate dark-and light-green stripes in a lawn. Overlap wheel tracks for drop-type spreaders. For rotary spreaders, apply the fertilizer so the wheel is at the edge of the pattern from the previous pass. Use a rotary spreader rather than a drop-type spreader for agricultural type fertilizers (10-10-10, 15-15-15, etc.) that have large particle sizes. Irrigation or rain following fertilization is important to move nitrogen off the leaf blades and into the soil. Some fertilizer/herbicide combination products should not be watered-in, so read the instructions on the label. Avoid fertilizing drought-stressed or dormant turf, or when temperatures are over 80° F.

What We Offer


We offer crop nutrition and crop protection products at very competitive pricing.

Bulk Delivery

We offer bulk delivery of all types of fuel and liquid fertilizer like NH3, UAN, Glyphosate.

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New Technologies

Variable Rate Technology in application services and cuttig edge technology in other fields.

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Our experts work extended hours day and night to serve you during busy season.

Gas-Pumps and Cardlocks

Our Cardlock Gas-pumps accept "interact" cards VISA, MasteCard or Debit cards.


Huge dry fertilizer storages are conveniently located in Rosetown, Biggar, Unity, Outlook.

Research Plots

Every year our prophesor with the research crew finds new interesting discoveries.

Pest Control

We offer pest control application services and products in western Saskatchewan.