teh Rack - Rack Petroleum Ltd.

Serving community since 1984.

Although Rack Petroleum was only founded in 2001, the company has actually been around since 1984.


Dennis and Lynda Bulani signed on as bulk fuel agents in Biggar SK in June of 1984 and started Bulani Agro Inc as the agent’s own part of the business. Bulani Agro supplied fertilizer and crop protection products to the area’s farmers as well as agronomic advice. As the company grew and expanded, new services and offerings were added. The area’s first spreader truck arrived in 1990 with variable rate capabilities following shortly after. As locations were added, Bulani Agro grew to encompass the Biggar, Perdue and Rosetown areas. In 2001, Dennis and Lynda parted ways with their bulk fuel supplier and started Rack Petroleum as a stand-alone independent retail. Agronomy has always been a cornerstone of Bulani Agro and The Rack, and continues to guide the business principles of the company.

Now with 9 locations, The Rack is one of the last large independent companies left in Saskatchewan and continues to supply top notch customer service and products to its customers. Dedication to service and quality have been a large part of The Rack as it has grown, and continues to drive its success today.

The customer focus is only attained with experienced staff, and The Rack is fortunate to have some of the best the industry has to offer. From day one, the people that have worked with The Rack (and Bulani Agro) have been dedicated to the business and the industry. This dedication shines in the customer relationships that have been forged and continues to remain strong.

As a local, independent, company The Rack is proud to serve the communities in its market area. The customers we serve and the staff that serve them are a valuable part of the communities we are in. Agriculture is an industry built on the strength of communities and the people that are in them. The Rack recognizes the importance of our staff and customers and is proud to serve their communities.