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Rogue II - Label Information.


Apply product at the rate of 1 liter per acre (1 L/ac) as a tank mix with 0.5L/acre of Glyphosate. (0.5L/ac based on 360g/L).  Water rates of 5 gallons per acre or more are recommended.

Product will freeze. Store in original container in heated storage if freezing conditions are present.
Do not contaminate water sources by runoff from cleaning of equipment, wash water or spray waste. Do not store near open flame, do not store with oxidizing agents.

Rogue II - MIXING:
Before using this product, read all precautions, directions for use, conditions of sale-limited warranty and limitations of liability and remedies. Prior to application, all spray mixing and application equipment must be thoroughly cleaned. Carefully observe all cleaning directions on the pesticide label.

1. Fill spray tank one-half full with clean water and begin agitation.
2. Add product to tank at a rate of 1L/acre
3. Allow time to thoroughly agitate and add the required rate of glyphosate herbicide per acre (or hectare) as per label directions.
4. Continue agitation and complete filling of the spray tank.
5. Allow a few minutes for proper mixing ahead of application.