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Hitman TM

HitmanTM is a patented Water Conditioner/Utility Modifier.

Glyphosate and other weak acid herbicides are easily inactivated in hard water. Hard water contains metal ions that can ‘tie up’ many pesticide actives and reduce their effectiveness. Certain tough to control weeds as well as dusty weeds can also reduce the effectiveness of glyphosate.

Hitman works to prevent glyphosate inactivation!

  • Improved performance at the lowest registered rates
  • More total glyphosate into weeds
  • Faster glyphosate absorption
  • Increased rainfastness
  • Improved control of tough weeds
  • Less Racketeer wasted on the surface
  • Reduced impact of dust and dusty weeds
  • Superior control on the widest range of weeds
  • Faster dry-down in preharvest use
  • Optimize returns on your herbicide investment






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