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YaraVera® AMIDAS Urea is hard, homogeneous and provides no segregation.

YaraVera® AMIDAS is harder than many other fertilizers.

Storing and handling of fertilizers can result in a breakdown of particles due to crushing. Harder fertilizers, such as YaraVera® AMIDAS, have fewer broken granules, produce less dust and provide more uniform spreading.

In a demonstration, non-Yara urea crushed at just 4.5 kilograms of pressure. YaraVera® AMIDAS is much stronger, withstanding 7 kilograms of pressure before crushing. The result is a product that maintains a more uniform particle size all the way through to spreading on the crop. Fertilizer granules with a crushing strength of <3 should not even be used with spinner speeds >700 rpm.

Lbs/cu. ft.
Typical Hardness
Ammonium sulphate47-661.5-2.5
Ammonium nitrate54-581.2-1.7
Urea, prilled46-480.8-1.2
Urea, granular46-481.5-3.5




Properties of YaraVera® Amidas

YaraVera® Amidas has 40% nitrogen and 5.5% sulphur in the same granule. It’s totally water soluble and very uniform in granule size. It is a truly homogeneous product that ensures uniformity of application.

Molten urea and ammonium sulphate are combined during manufacturing resulting in a homogeneous granule.

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YaraVera® Amidas is unique in its production process.

The ammonium nitrogen and sulphate sulphur are immediately available to plants. YaraVera® Amidas has an ideal N:S ratio of 7.3:1, which is ideal for most crops.


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