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Fertilizer Distribution Terminal in Biggar

Fertilizer Shed facility. Fertilizer Distribution Plant located in town of Biggar Saskatchewan Canada.  Fertilizer Distribution Plant is owned and operated by Rack Petroleum Ltd.  Fertilizer Distribution Plant is a modern and very well equipped facility for making fertilizer blends and loading trucks which deliver fertilizer blends to the fields. Every Custom application service procedure and Fertilizer spreading services incorporate Blender Out-Load Procedures


Dry Fertilizer Plant in Biggar.

Fertilizer Distribution Plant, located in Biggar SK Canada, is owned and operated by the Rack Petroleum Ltd.  Before The Rack Petroleum Fertilizer custom application fleet is out in the fields spreading blends for customers the certain In-Load and Out-Loading System Procedures take place at the Fertilizer Shed.


In-Load System Procedure:


Out-Loading Procedures: