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Racketeer - Bulk Glyphosate Handling System

The Racketeer Bulk Glyphosate Handling System comes with two choices of tank sizes: 8000 L or the 22,000 L - “BIG GUY”

Each tank is fitted with a pump and metered flow system to allow for quick and efficient use of bulk glyphosate right on your farm.

  • Tanks come with a powerful pump and valves that maintain security while providing quick and efficient performance
  • Choose the pod or fitting that best suits your farming operation to come with the tank

Each tank is constructed to meet stringent environmental storage requirements:

  • Double walled to prevent leaks
  • Top filled to maintain tank integrity
  • Patented plastic liner with fill well to prevent spills when filling
  • No-Drip dry lock connection to prevent spills when filling totes
  • Locks and seals on all access points to the system to increase security

Never leave the yard with a half empty tote again

Never leave the yard with a half empty tote again!

The advanced pumping system can fill a 450 L tote in 3 minutes! The Racketeer system eliminates the hassle of handling and storing multiple totes of glyphosate.

  • Eliminate tote storage & handling
  • Stop paying expensive deposit fees
  • Save time and money
  • Increase your efficiency
  • North American Glyphosate
  • Highest performing formulation available
  • Available across Western Canada


Get Bulk Glyphosate on your Farm!


  • RacketeerTM Bulk Glyphosate Handling System is available across Western Canada.
  • For more information on Racketeer or to order a system to have on your farm, please fill out the following online form.


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