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In-Load System Procedures


Unloading Railcars
  • Start up the conveyor system, place car opener into the capstan, open gate lock and open gate slowly allowing product to flow. The amp box located on the trackside lamp post will show the amp rate which the belt system is working at. Proper running amps are between 45-55 this can be adjusted by closing and opening the hopper gates. Exceeding 45-55 will result in system overload and shut down.
  • While product is in-loading check to see it is dumping in the proper area, monitor periodically as well as product flow into the truck at west end.
  • A sample must be taken from every hopper (3 hoppers, 3 samples, 1 bag). Each bag must be marked with car number, product type, and date then put into the sample shed. Samples can be taken after hopper has been dumping for an average of three minutes.
System Clean-out/Shut down
  • Upon completion of in loading railcars pull cars to the east as far as you can, pulling no more than five empties at once. Keep a distance from the blue flag d-rails of at least 2 - 3 car lengths this gives you a safe zone for connecting other cars to the first set. When the first set of cars are in place set two hand brakes on east car. If no other cars are being joined to the first set turn the angle cock on the west car. To make a connection pull the next set of cars into the first and connect the air lines between cars.
  • Clean-up any spillage around in-load pit, if it's not contaminated with gravel, weeds or other product it can be shoveled into the in-load pit. Put all tools in the designated spots and replace pit covers. Take the truck from the west end of building and dump product if any into the respective bins in the shed
  • System can be shut down after all previous procedures have been performed by either using the tripper key switch or emergency shut off switch on the amp box located trackside. Return all keys (zoller truck, tripper switch, tractor.) to the office along with car condition reports. Notify shift supervisor that car work is done and that railcars may be released back to the CN. Proceed to unlock and take down the blue flag d-rails so cars can be removed from the line and more can be brought in.