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In-Load System Procedures

Safety Measures

Safety measures are essentials of the fertilizer custom application procedure.  Fertilizer Shed workers should always abide by the rules below:

  • Notify shift supervisors before starting any work with in-load system/railcars.
  • Blue flag d-rails must be setup and locked out before work starts.

Pre In-Load Setup

Trackside/Driveway Setup

Trackside/Driveway Setup

  • Remove cover located on north side of rails, check drag system pit for water and pump if needed then replace cover.
  • Remove in-load pit cover located between rails, place wooden hopper box over in-load pit along with screening chains.
  • Take the hydraulic power pack from compressor room trackside and hookup to lines on the car opening system located between railway and driveway.
  • Tools such as shovels, pry-bars, hammers, ext can be found in sample room located trackside.
  • Driveway setup is similar to railway but only pit cover is removed.