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Out-Loading Procedures


Impregnation Blending

Fertilizer Application Services incorporate much preparatory work. During an impregnation for example always have tyvek coveralls, green nitrile gloves, safety goggles, and respirator

  • Check your blend sheet to see what chemical is needed for the blend and the amount needed.
  • Make sure pump system is off till desired valves are open.
  • Open ball valve from chemical pod to the pump.
  • Open the ball valve from pump to reservoir.
  • Turn on the pump and fill the reservoir with desired amount of chemical.
  • Once reservoir is filled to required amount shut off the pump and close all the ball valves.
  • Fill blender as detailed on the blend sheet

Blender must be running while chemical is pumped in

  • Open ball valves on bottom of reservoir tank and on pump discharge leading to top of the blender, turn on pump.
  • After chemicals have been pumped into blender shut all the ball valves and turn pump off.
  • If using urea in the blend and it is to be impregnated with Agrotain fill blender with the urea as detailed on the blend sheet. Record the scale stops of the urea as required, restart blender add the Agrotain and let blend for about 3-4 minutes, stop blender and record scale stop with the chemical included.

When impregnating with a trifluralin (rival) product blend the products together add your rival chemical to the batches as normally done. On the last batch of the blend and all chemical is in dump 3 liters ofdiesel fuel into the reservoir tank, pump the fuel into the blender as you would for chemicals and blend for an additional two minutes then dump the batch into the truck. The diesel fuel doesn't damage the product it is just used to clean the pump systems out.

  • Return safety equipment to the proper storage area.