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In 2023, Ultimate Yield began a multi-year initiative, called Quest, to collect on-farm data from across western Canada to establish an accurate baseline of current farming practices, soil conditions, ultra-local weather data and production metrics. Our aim is to provide accurate data on technology use, fertilizer use and current practices in western Canada to contribute to a more informed and constructive dialogue surrounding Canadian agricultural policies. Do you want to make a difference? Join Quest.

Goals and Expectations

  • Participate with last year’s Quest field OR select a field in consultation with agronomist if new grower
  • Seed whatever you plan to seed (prefer wheat)
  • Use the fall soil tests and fertilize how you prefer
  • Put up the weather station you purchased OR purchase new at a discounted rate
  • Complete an FPA with your local agronomist and predict the yield
  • Ensure you have a yield map recorded for the field
  • Pay for one 3 zone soil test; Rack will pay for one
  • Allow The Rack to analyze your weather, your yield & your soil nutrient balance

The Rack is committed to using this data to continue the dialogue between farmers, industry and government so that together, we can improve the efficiency, sustainability and profitability of agriculture production.