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Potassium fertilizer

Rack Petroleum makes custom blends containing Potassium.

Potassium fertilizer production in Canada began before the 19th century with the manufacture of POTASH from wood ashes.  Potash deposits were found in Saskatchewan in 1943 but development did not begin until 1954, when the Potash Corporation of America sank the first shaft at Patience Lake. There are presently numerous potash mines, mostly in Saskatchewan and to a lesser extent in New Brunswick.

The Saskatchewan potash deposits are approximately 1000 m below the earth's surface in central Saskatchewan, and consist of a mineral deposit called sylvinite that contains both sodium chloride and potassium chloride.  The potash reserves in Saskatchewan and eastern Manitoba are considered some of the premium world reserves of potash and are estimated to contribute to world potassium production over the next number of centuries.

Commercially, potash fertilizers can be purchased in bulk in the form of small fractions of crushed material. Rack Petroleum makes all kinds of blends at its five locations where we have Blending Facilities.  Here bulk potash is stored, blended and loaded out into bins ready to be shipped out.


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